Dogwood + Co. Retreats
Relax. Redefine. Reignite.
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About Dogwood + Co. Retreats

I started Dogwood + Co. Retreats because I'm a mom of two boys, I work full time for my husband's home building company, I'm a health and fitness enthusiast, and I'm up before the sun most days. I know a lot of other women out there have equally busy lives where others depend on them which often leads to putting themselves last. The idea of Dogwood + Co. Retreats started as a way for women to give a little back to themselves. We all deserve a chance to take a break. To relax for a change. To take a minute to redefine our wants, our needs, and what is most important to us. To come away feeling a reignited passion for life! To feel refreshed and whole again so we can meet our goals and make our dreams a reality. Retreat yo' self because you know you deserve it!